Still paying the big job boards to deliver the Rockstar candidates you need?

Don’t post & pray. You no longer need to pay for stacks of unqualified résumés.
Venturesome is the world’s largest collection of online job openings at VC & PE backed companies. We created it for the venturesome individuals ready to make a move to a progressive, growth-focused company that’s making an impact. Over 3,000 companies are already included. If yours isn’t one of them, we’ll include all of your company’s jobs. And there’s nothing for you to do. No software to learn. Our software platform automagically grabs your current job openings from your company’s careers or jobs page, and adds them to Venturesome. And best of all, it’s free.
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Use the “Great Resignation” to your advantage.

The “great pandemic” led to a “great rethinking” by the majority of US workers. They’ve re-evaluated how they think about work, where they want to do it, and with whom.

According to research, more people value the ability to make an impact at work than compensation. They can most easily achieve this at a smaller game-changing company… a company like yours.

No sales pitch needed.

Venturesome is free. Recruit Rockstars has underwritten the entire cost of Venturesome. From day one, the company’s mission has been to scale Venture Capital & Private Equity portfolio companies by putting a Rockstar in every seat.

Don’t be left out.

The world’s largest collection of jobs is missing one thing… You.

But don’t worry, we’ve got your covered. Just fill out the tiny form & we’ll add all of your company’s jobs pronto. For free. And we’ll keep it updated.

No software to learn. You don’t even have to lift a finger.

Discover the undiscovered.

Game-changing companies can discover the undiscovered Rockstar candidate, without relying on high-priced Headhunters.

Are you venturesome?

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